This letter was found during 1991 by Derek & Lesley McPherson under the floorboards of one of the upstairs rooms whilst renovating the Post Office house at 44 Harbour Street.  Lesley was the postmistress and owner of the Post Office next door at No 42.

The letter on one piece of paper was written by Aliser McDonald (presume Alistair) from Plusgarden a few miles from Elgin to his niece Hellen McDonald who at the time must have been boarding in the house which belonged to Mr James Smith, a merchant in Hopeman. Unfortunately over the following126 years whilst it lay there the letter had been nibbled by mice however only a small portion is not legible. The following transcript gives the spelling is as it is written on the letter.

Plusgarden   August 26th 1865

Dear Hellan McDonald

Received your kind and welcome letter which you sent me upon Tues 2nd august we were glad to hear that your sore finger is keping beter and i hope it wil kep beter     your ant was verrey sorrey for you when she said you were verrey bad with it when you had so much work to do but i hope yo will soon b up to se what we ar doing an hope you will stay a day or to with us when you come up we will both be very glad to se you

Xxxxxx you get all the hurry of the fisher xxxxx   i am very busy at xxxx xxxx xxxx at presant but i hope if god spear me health i will son be doon if it  we will soon be doon there about ye will be kind enough to write soon and let me know when you are coming up to see us   i have no more to say at present.    

Remain Aficonit uncle to dear neice  

              Aleser McDonald

              Mure of Fosterseat

              Plusgarden   by Elgin.


1865 - PO Letter Address

1865 – PO Letter Address

       Hellen McDonald,

c/o James Smith

Merchant,   Hopeman

by Elgin




1865 - PO letter - front page

1865 – PO letter – front page


1865 - PO letter - back page

1865 – PO letter – back page