The McPherson family with the nickname of ‘Topp’ originated from the same family line as the McPhersons with the bye/nickname of ‘Daichs’ and from Donald McPherson and Mary Fraser who came to Hopeman from the Ardersier/Petty area to the east of Inverness. They were one of the original fishing families when the village was established during 1805 and there is a record within the ‘Hopeman Estates Register’ of 1806 showing that Donald McPherson, a seaman, was given a plot of land for a house on Petrie Street (now McPherson Street) and this is the same person.

The nickname TOPP originated when Alexander Topp McPherson (no 17in the family tree below) was born during 1855. He was given middle name of Topp after the Reverend Topp, a minister from Elgin who attended at his birth. The name Topp is still in use in Hopeman 2016.


Download the McPherson – Topp Family Tree [pdf]