2004 – memories of Margaret Harvey (nee McPherson) aged 89

2004 – Memories Margaret Harvey (nee McPherson) aged 89 from her childhood days.

Notes in italics have been added to expand and make it clearer for the reader.

These hand written notes were completed by Margaret Harvey(1916-2006), the daughter of William McPherson (Wull Peddie) (1877-1955) and Isabel More (1883-1922). They lived at 6 New Street. 

From the documents – Ann McPherson(1876-1953) or Annak as she was known was from the McPherson Daich family and she married James McPherson(Jeem Peddie) from the ...

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FARMING DOWN HOPEMAN WAY – by Geordie Towns aged 81 (2005)


by Geordie Towns aged 81. (2005)


Hopeman village has the sea to the north and farmland to the south, which consisted of two farms and numerous strips of letted land.

The farm of Backlands lies to the west of Hopeman and was owned by James McKimmie who also became the tenant of “Weddershill” during 1930. Weddershill was in the village of Hopeman and part of Hopeman Estate. It also ...

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“THE BROONS” – Memoirs of Hopeman Holidays by May Stewart aged 81 (2005)

Memoirs of Hopeman Holidays —- “THE BROONS”

By May Stewart aged 81 (2005)

The ‘Provan’ family was introduced to Hopeman in 1947-1948 following a visit to friends in Pluscarden who said they would take us for a run in their car and show us a ”beautiful little place called Hopeman.” Little did we think that was the start of a lifetime of lots of good times in this wee place and the people of the Moray coast, which has stood the ...

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Mr. John McPherson February 1, 2013

Dear Sir:

It is with great personal interest that I read “Hopeman 1805-2005”. I received it from my sister, Eileen Cameron from Forres, for Christmas 2012. I will try to be as brief and concise as possible, but with all my memories and recognition of several of the people mentioned in the book, it will be difficult.

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Hopemans Lost Trade



Oldest Woman’s Memories – “Mrs Mary Stewart born 1839”

 Extract from The Northern Scott – 1932

 The decline which the past half-century has brought to the lesser towns and villages of Moray and Nairn is a subject which has been common to practically every one of the old people who I have interviewed in the course of this series. With a touch of pride in their voices they have told of the days when ...

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