2015 - Terry & Ann Brown

2015 – Terry & Ann Brown

One of the most successful projects completed in Hopeman in recent years has been the funding and building of the SKATE/BMX park on the north east corner of the village green. The idea for this type of facility was formed during 2003 by Terry & Ann Brown who had a holiday caravan in Hopeman for many years prior to purchasing a house for their retirement. Terry and Ann noted that recreational facilities for the youths of the village was lacking and after discussing with some of them it was decided to form a committee to investigate what could be done. This committee consisted of Terry & Ann, Mark O’Shane, Fiona Tulloch, Linda Dixon and seven other youth members, and they decided that they would like a Skate and BMX park.  This was quite a daunting task, however, over a very short period of time the committee grew from strength to strength raising large sums of money, designing the layout, forming and developing rules for the club and taking responsibility for all aspects of what was to be done.  Terry & Ann wanted to promote a greater understanding between youths and adults preventing this younger generation from being socially excluded.  They also wanted to encourage youngsters to be physically active and live a better and healthier lifestyle and of course to be fully responsible for the running of the club, something which the committee and their successors have been very successful at.

The park was built in five stages between 2004 and 2008 when it was officially opened by Prince Andrew and over the years there has been a huge increase in interest from within our community and from all over Scotland.  In May 2015 the life membership had increased to 1000 members and increasing.

Hopeman Community Association and all of the residents are very proud of what they have done as they have taken ownership of the facility and keep it in good condition.   The attached photographs from the committee brings together what they have achieved over the years and well done Terry & Ann Brown.