1930s – Memories by Marion More

1930s – Memories by Marion More

When I was jist a little quine
And lived in McPherson street
How many happy days I spent
Yet seldom got a treat.

I often think aboot these days
When I jeest had to go
An’ get a pail o’ water frae the well
And I didna dare say no.

But oh!   how I was happy
When the drifters used tae dock
I couldna get quick enough tae the pier
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1985 – Marion Ingram (nee More)

If ye come alang wi’ me
Tae a wee place by the sea
Wi’ its beaches and golden sand
This bonnie we village of Hopeman.

When ye walk doon Harbour Street
Freenly fowkies you will meet
Kindly faces you will see
In oor Hopeman by the sea.

Jist remember whay ye walk doon
A future king walked in oor toon
He never kent a’ moment’s fear
Sailin’ oot o’ Hopemans pier.

When the summer time ...

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Hopeman – Isa Aitkinhead (nee Young)

Give me back my childhood days
The Hopeman beaches where I played
How fortunate to reminisce
In precious bliss

The thundering noise of the Clochin Pow
In my ears I hear it now
The Sheepies Loch, the Pot and Pan
And half a mile of golden sand

The isolated black Perstock
A curious and majestic rock
Careful not to slip and slide
Into the holes where partans hide

Along the beach we’d play for hours
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1991 – Ida & Topp 50th Anniversary – Marion Ingram (nee More)

For the historian —  Ida H.J. McPherson(1910-1998)  & Thomas S Murray (Top) (1907-1998)

Sixty years ago this couple wed,
An’ boy o boy there’s a lot to be said
Firstly think of Hopeman withoot Ida & Top
This village would come to a right dead stop.

Ida left school an’ went tae the guttin’
Frae Lerwick tae Yarmouth she did some flittin’
Kyavin wi’ packin herrin’ in the bree
Fin bedtime cam’ she wis hardly fit tae ...

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1998 – Brenda Mulholland (nee McAulay)

D’ye Mind – Brenda Mulholland (nee McAulay) .

Written for Hopeman Junior Secondary School reunion 24 Oct 1998
on her memories of the 1950s.

D’ye mine the long hot summers
When we spent oor time at the bye’
Oor mithers sittin’ knittin’
Just passin’ the time away.

An’ d’ye mine linin’ up in oor dookers
Divin’ off the steppies at the pier
Across and ower the black hole
Watchin’ the jeely fish didna get ...

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2003 – Fin I Wis a Quine Sandra (More) Stewart

2003 – Fin I wis a quine – Sandra (More) Stewart

 Lang summer days
Stretchin’ for ivver an’ ivver
Nichts that were warm
Han’s held the gather
Dookin’ an’ catchin’
Widin’ in the sea
The san’ in yer taes
– The hum o’ a bee –
Sunday frocks
An’ stra’ hats sae fine
Pandrops ye sooked’
For an afa lang time
Sermons that bored ye
Richt oot o’ yer min’
Sankies an’ mothballs
Fin’ I wis a ...

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1962c – by James Sutherland (Jeem Peem)

1962c -by James Sutherland (Jeem Peem)

Each mornin as my reflection I see
I say there’s naethin the matter wi me
Well it disna help to complain
For at my age we a feel the same

Rheumaticy fingers, rheumaticy knees
Catchin the caul in a Northerly breeze
And though my sciatica’s whiles awfa bad
And lumbago twinges, keep drivin me mad.

On my ain misfortunes, I canna weel dwell
For I see somebody, worse ...

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