1930s – Memories by Marion More

1930s – Memories by Marion More

When I was jist a little quine
And lived in McPherson street
How many happy days I spent
Yet seldom got a treat.

I often think aboot these days
When I jeest had to go
An’ get a pail o’ water frae the well
And I didna dare say no.

But oh!   how I was happy
When the drifters used tae dock
I couldna get quick enough tae the pier
Tae get ma stick o rock.

A firkin o’ saut herrin’ we aye hed
An tatties oot o’ oor dreel
I could screw ma nose up if I liked
But that wis my Seturday meal.

Nae muckle money in those days
A fancie?   Na but a heelie
Oor fowkies wis gled tae see us a fed
An’ we aye got a piece on jeelie.

Every nicht ma mither gi’ed
Owre tae see my grannie
Seven Duff street was far she bed
Maun she wis cute an’ canny.

When ma father was awa at sea
I’d aye tae tak her airm
Cos she wis a bit feart in the dark
That she micht come tae ony hairm.

Fin ever granny hed ony troubles
An’ needed Jessie Leesie
She jist chappit ben the wa
We her poker gran an’ easy.

Marion More, born 1926 at 14 Hutcheon Street prior to moving to 25 McPherson Street.



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