1952 -Village by the Sea – Alex S Main

1962c -Poem Alex Main



This poem was published in the Northern Scot newspaper during the early 1960s and written by Alexander (Sandy) Sutherland Main around 1952 whilst he was completing his National Service with the British Army. 


El Adem is an airfield in Libya 15 miles south of Torbruk and used by the British Military during WW2 through till 1969 when a military co-op led by Colonal Gadaffi ousted the then king of Libya.  It was used as by the RAF an air force base and as a staging post for troops heading to the Middle East.


Sandy was the son of John & Bessie Main  or to give John his Houpman bye name “Johnny Thock”, Fishmonger, 3 Duff Street, Hopeman. 


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