1985 – Marion Ingram (nee More)

If ye come alang wi’ me
Tae a wee place by the sea
Wi’ its beaches and golden sand
This bonnie we village of Hopeman.

When ye walk doon Harbour Street
Freenly fowkies you will meet
Kindly faces you will see
In oor Hopeman by the sea.

Jist remember whay ye walk doon
A future king walked in oor toon
He never kent a’ moment’s fear
Sailin’ oot o’ Hopemans pier.

When the summer time comes roon
Visitors flock tae oor wee toon
Fae the Royalty tae the Broons
Mixin’ wi’ the Hopeman loons

A welcome you will always get
But I hope ye’ll nae forget
That bonny Hopeman by the sea
Is always Paradise tae me.



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