Descendants of JOHN YOUNG

John Young was born during 1767 in Stotfield, Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland and married Margaret Edwards on 15 June 1788.  John was lost at sea on December 25th 1806 at the age of 39 during the “Stotfield Disaster” when the small village of Stotfield lost its entire fishing fleet during a sudden and violent storm. All of the able bodied men and youths were lost leaving 17 widows, 47 orphaned children and two older men.  John’s parents were John Young and Margaret McQueen and they also lived in Stotfield. John (snr) had previously lost his life at sea during the winter of 1779-1780. After the Stotfield disaster John (snr’s) wife, Margaret McQueen, moved to Buckie with her daughter Janet Crocket.  It must have been a very sad event as Janet also lost her husband William Crocket in the Stotfield disaster and on the same boat as her brother John Young (jnr).

During 1812, Margaret Young (nee Edwards) walked to Hopeman, six miles to the west, along with her two sons and three daughters to start a new life.

Children of John Young (1761- 1806) + Margaret Edwards (1767- )
Margaret Young                b.1789 June 11       Stotfield
James (Brucie) Young       b.1791 Oct 21          Stotfield       died 1867 Apr 4
Jean Young                        b.1794                      Stotfield       died before 1804
Christian Young                b.1797 Jun 27          Stotfield
John (Coy/Youngie)          b.1802 Apr 3            Stotfield
Jean (Jane) Young             b.1804                      Stotfield

James (Brucie) YOUNG (1791- ) +  Ann McPherson (1792-1872) married c1812. Ann was the daughter of William & Isobel Moir (More) one of the original settlers of Hopeman from Ardersier. They lived at 26 Harbour Street, Hopeman.
Their family –
John (Johndys)                        b.1813 Oct 15     Hopeman.
Isobel                                       b.1815 Oct 20     Hopeman
William (Waads)                      b.1818 Aug 4      Hopeman
James (Brucie)                         b.1820 Oct 7       Hopeman
Margaret (Auntie Mow)         b.1822 Dec 9      Hopeman
Alexander (Syes)                     b.1825 Apr 28     Hopeman
David (Dicks)                           b.1828 Feb 24     Hopeman
Joseph (Joses)                         b.1830 Apr 13     Hopeman
Robert (Robbie Doys)            b.1832 Sept 30   Hopeman
Charles McPherson(Chails)  b.1835 Sept 26    Hopeman

John (Coy or Youngie) Young (1802- ) + Margaret Main (1806- ). She was from Ardersier and they married on Jan 1st 1824.       Their family were –
John                                    b.1825 Mar 17        Hopeman
Agnes                                  b.1826 Oct 14        Hopeman
Ann                                     b.1826 Oct 14        Hopeman
Margaret                             b.1829 Jan 6         Hopeman
Madelina (Medley)            b.1831 Jan 25        Hopeman
Alexander                          b.1833 July 3          Hopeman.     died before 1842
Isabella                              b.1834 Mar16         Hopeman
Christina                            b.1836 Jun 5           Hopeman
Elsbet                                  b.1838 Aug 6         Hopeman
Alexander                           b.1842 May 9        Hopeman
Jean                                     b.1844 Jun 24        Hopeman


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