1962c – by James Sutherland (Jeem Peem)

1962c -by James Sutherland (Jeem Peem)

Each mornin as my reflection I see
I say there’s naethin the matter wi me
Well it disna help to complain
For at my age we a feel the same

Rheumaticy fingers, rheumaticy knees
Catchin the caul in a Northerly breeze
And though my sciatica’s whiles awfa bad
And lumbago twinges, keep drivin me mad.

On my ain misfortunes, I canna weel dwell
For I see somebody, worse than myself
I wake every mornin aroun aboot seven
Say thanks to the Lord. I’m still we the livin.

Check roun the hoose to see athings ok
Have a good breakfast and start a new day
I meet old palls for a stroll round the piers
Remember the sail boats that lay there for years

Their sails all in tatter, their hulls in decay
Waiting for the breakers to strip them away
The drifters were fine ships and looked rather swell
But they all finished up in the scrapyard as well

We think of the haddock yawls landing their catch
The driver’s head looking out of the hatch
But they had their day, we could all see the signs
For naebody was wantin tae shill and bait lines

We toiled all day at the scene net, sometimes night as well
But the present day skipper just sits in his chair
Presses a few buttons and dis athing himself.

Then its up tae the shelter to hear a the news
The Tory, the Alliance Nationalist views
We a ken fine things are nea right
Spendin billions on trident an we canna get a light.

We talk of the football, bowls, snooker, an a’
Infact every game that’s played we a ba
We remember our travels to lands faraway
And can speak of every port from Banff to Bombay

The tempest and storms we had to meet
Wid mak Conrad & Villiers take a back seat
We remember our shipmates lost in the war
Their bones lying scattered in waters near and far.

And talk of the old days and laugh at our bloys
Though we werna vandals, at least we were boys

Then it’s back hame for my tea by the fire
A look at the telly and it’d time to retire
I always get bedded at the back o’ ten
Get up in the mornin’ and start a ower again.



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